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Organizational Consulting


My executive coaching is a consultative, relationship-based service. I have years of experience working with C-level executives and senior management. I act as trusted advisor and am providing an objective lens for the coachee while offering honest feedback and a new perspective to look through.


Change is inevitable and must be managed efficiently and effectively. Large scale change may be organizational, such as outsourcing, downsizing, or mergers or on a smaller scale such as conflicts between individuals, teams, departments or other groups. Our change management consultants focus on clarifying the rationale for the change, communicating the change processes and the desired outcomes. The process also addresses how to assist people to remain focused and productive during the change process, which for most due to human nature is unsettling.


I work with team leaders and their teams to improve their overall performance. This process provides the coaching of basic tools to set direction, clarify goals and responsibilities, and measure performance results. It is also intended to effectively coordinate action and resolve potential barriers to success.


As any organization evolves, original business plans and strategy change. My strategic planning initiative provide the context for an ongoing dialog to refine my clients’ objectives going forward with their business. It allows the planning to come to a consensus for the future direction and can also focus then on the tactical activities to support their desired strategy.


This is an individualized in-depth interview of a candidate for a managerial, supervising or professional position. This process is designed to support the organization in making the best hiring and selection decisions. It will also provide a comprehensive overview of the individual’s abilities, emotional makeup, interpersonal style and leadership capabilities. Assessment results should be the voice in the selection process.  Assessment can also be utilized for entry level positions in helping the organization finding the best fit candidate for the position.